Please release our Domain name

We recently added our domain name here on InfinityFree, however when we got our servers back up online, we want to release it from here, or delete the whole record from your server, because our traffic seems to be blocked by your servers, When we typically type the domain on the URL bar “” it won’t redirect properly to our dedicated host server, it redirects to your, can you help us to clear our records in your server, maybe we can start a new one with other domain name, thank you.

Is there anyone here who can help us? our servers are devastated, please remove us from your server and release our domain names cached data, we want our domains back, even we successfully pointed our domain name namesserver to cloudflare it keeps showing your, please just remove all our data from your server everything as well

If you already changed your nameservers, there is nothing we can do. At that point, we are no longer hosting your domain name and there is nothing we can do to make your website appear. If you moved to a different hosting provider and your website doesn’t show up, ask them why that happens. We can’t provide support for websites we don’t host.

Most likely, this is caused by DNS cache. If you changed your nameservers, your domain registrar and your internet service providers are the primary culprits. There is nothing we can do to speed that up.

Pro tip: next time you move your website, don’t immediately delete the old account. Visitors can and will still visit the old server for a while so it helps to keep the website online for a few more days after moving the domain.