Please reactivate my account


Please can you reactivate my account now as i need urgent. I know that i am disturbing you as my site will be automatically come back after 24 hrs. But the links have been shared across some social platforms and if it continue to get some other pages/sites then it will be troubling for my site. I request you to please consider my request and reactivate my account as soon as possible.

I need to access control panel to get my site files and for migration/transfer to my hosting account. This is first and last time i am asking for help and will not happen again. For my site well functioning and working, please consider my request.

Hope you will understand our situation and will soon reactivate my account ( username: epiz_23611331 ). Am waiting for your response.

Thank you

Please help admin

I’m sorry, but I cannot reactivate your account any sooner. If your account is suspended for hitting a resource limit, you really have to wait for 24 hours for the website to come back online.

The only exception is if you move your website elsewhere before the timer ends. I highly recommend iFastNet’s premium hosting for this, because they can migrate your website for free, even if the account is not active.

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