Please provide me with a backup copy of my account.

Username (e.g. epiz_XXX) or Website URL

(please specify the website or account you are asking about)

Hi there,

As a result of the high server load and resource usage, this free web hosting account has been suspended.

You should consider upgrading to a premium account:

Every premium account includes a free domain name, huge disk space, traffic quotas and no CPU quotas with hundreds of extra features:

this is what I use

We can alternatively provide you the backup of your account.

Best regards

Welcome to the forum @arab4news, I believe you have to reply to the email to get a backup. Your website should come back automatically after 24 hours though.

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Hi @arab4news,
Account suspension are generally removed after 24 hours. If this is not in your case, login to the filemanager via FTP or Control Panel and download all the contents in the ‘htdocs’ folder and store them somewhere safe. If you plan to move to a new host or free host upload the downloaded file in the ‘htdocs’ or ‘public_html’ folders.

@anon19991419, if the account was suspended for abuse, waiting will not work, you will need to submit a ticket. Also, if your account is suspended, you are unable to access the control panel or FTP, therefore you are unable to download your files.

@Greenreader9, yes that is also true. @arab4news, please contact infinityfree by raising a ticket.

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