please i need my account closed and my addons domain free to be used by another host

just go to your domain registrar and change the name servers to your new ones of your another host

@X01D Hello. Unfortunately your account cannot get closed so easily. You will have to wait some time till it gets deleted by itself. But in order to use your domains on other host, you can simply change the nameservers of your domain and you will be able to use it on your new host. But you can also remove your AddOn domain from your hosting account, simply by going to Add-On domains section, and removing it.

Just simple as that.

Been there. :smiley:

If you’re planning to move on pay hosting plans, try [](http://Host your website with iPage!)
But if you’re planning to change with another free host, you should know that Infinity Free is the best. I’ve sorted based on active supports as well as the performance. I’ve tests other free hosting sites and this is the best because of the support forum. :smiley:

I love you @Admin and @Moderators

We also offer premium hosting at And unlike iPage, it’s at a flat, low rate of just $3.45 per month (and you get two months for free if you pay for a year in advance!).

I’m sorry but I didn’t know about this. hahahaha @Admin

I know a free hosting provider with live support and a extensive knowledge base :slight_smile: