Please I need emergency help from Admin

hey everybody. I need help. Couple days ago my website was suspended. I suprised because we dont get that much log. But after the suspend, I check my logs and ı saw 200 person entered to it. Visitors ı mean. but also the my content’s hits was stable. So this visiters only visited the main page. but in our social media account we direct people to contents. this is really annoying. And 15-20 minute ago my friend said that our website suspended again. Probably this visitor thing happened again. I check the content logs and no any change to them.

So I guess there is a ddos attack or someting to it? but my wordpress plugin says most of the visitors are coming from search engines. Then why contents are stable? please comeone can help me?

Well, how much visitors did you get?
and provide domain name

well couple hours ago I check it. 6 visitors only. But probably in this couple hour there is a high logging happened must be. For 2 hours my website suspended. domain is

Activate I am under attack mode for a few days


What was the reason for the suspension? Also i seen some of your previous posts, Hits are a total of scripts on one page.
Try enable under attack mode using cloudflare, if you reach 500k hits you get permanently suspended (Happened to a friend)

remember, iFastNet Free hosting isnt built for traffic

I’m sorry, but what do you expect me to do?

Yes, your website got a large number of hits. I don’t know who is doing that or why they are accessing your website. All we do is count hits and take action if you get more than 50k of them.

Cloudflare’s Under Attack mode can help though.


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