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I built my web page back in October. whenever I would edit content I had an email with the log in link.(so I didnt know the name of the site) my wife trashed the email and I could not access the page. i checked out in the developer window, that it was infinity free. i got the log in restored, but for the life of me cant figure out where the dashboard is to edit the page? i would always edit the page in real time to i believe. UHG I am in the panel and the only thing I can think of is the softalicious page that takes you to the apps like word press, but steers you to having to upload the plugins. anyway can anyong help direct me to where I would find the dashboard to edit the site…? PLEASE!!! thanks

Will you elaborate what you mean about the dashboard in editing your site?
What I understand about the thing you said “I would always edit the page in real time” is you are using a site builder.

Also you can edit your site through the file manager but you will have to do code and stuffs.

I’m not really sure what edit page dashboard you mean, but it sounds like you’re referring to the admin area of your website software. Where you can find that depends on where you installed the software, and where the software puts the admin page.

So if your website is and you’re using WordPress, then the admin page can typically be found at

As for which user you should use to login, only you know that. But I think it’s possible to reset the admin credentials through Softaculous as well.

ok, like I said, the link would take me to the website, which I ,ould be able to edit content. each area had Edit icons . Now that I dont have this email with the link, I am forced to Log in to Infinity Free. when I go there it takes me to a page that has my account which then I can log into the Cpanel. Now in the cPanel I see all these icons for: database, ftp acct, domains, preferences, email, metrics, security, software, advanced, support. I dont see anything or anyplace to be able to access my dashboard for wordpresss. i hope I have given a better description of my issue. on a side note I tried typing the example;, to see if I could login to wordpress, I tried to recover lost password, and have tried all possible email addresses yet non are being recognized. so in a nutshell I am lost. If anyone wants to check out, the website is maybe someone can tell me what to do.

also I am not well versed in web design and learn as I go but getting better at it. maybe infinity free is the domain host but my dashboard is another login? maybe I need to recover from there?

To change your Wordpress Dashboard password, you can go to the database and edit your password there.
Follow the following steps:
Go to cPanel → phpMyAdmin → Your WP Installation Database → wp_users (depends on what is your database prefix) → Choose a user you want to edit the password → user_pass → edit it.

Or you could try to use Softaculous if you installed WP from softaculous.
Go to cPanel → Softaculous → All Installations → Choose the WP installation → Press the edit icon (pencil icon) → Admin Account → change your password.

Hope this helps.


ok great I was able to do that first choice of instructions. My login and changed the PWD . now if I can only figure what the URL is to go and login? thats what I really need help with now
where do you think I could find that?

i tried wordpress but that doesnt work

You need to go to
That’s where you will need to login.

yes I have tried that so I go to Log In ‹ — WordPress i try entering the login and pwd and its not working. I try the recovery link by entering my email and it doesnt recognize it

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