PLEASE HELP ME! Very, very frustrated with InfinityFree

My domain name is

I decided to check out InfinityFree, because it fits my budget. After taking it for a spin, I was going to consider upgrading.

Not at this rate.

InfinityFree + Gsuite = NIGHTMARE, at least for me.

I’ve added InfinityFree name serves to my registar’s site. Got that covered. Then CloudFlare was a pain, and I finally got that covered. I’ve added all my Gsuite MX, SPF, TXT and CNAME records.

The site works, but thanks InfinityFree for hijacking my email. I am not receiving email at my normal email account(s). I can send it, but can’t receive any, and I’ve jumped through hoop after hoop after hoop. Almost 24 hours now fiddling with this stuff, and every time I fix something, InfinityFree has another hiccup that causes me to jump through more hoops.

PLEASE help me figure this out. If not, I’ll just pack it all up, remove everything and head on over to WIX, since they DO work SEAMLESSLY and without constant hoops, with Gsuite.


Hijacking your email? What makes you believe we are hijacking your email? We give you the option to change your MX records, which would work without any problems.

How were you using Cloudflare exactly? if you were using the control panel integration, then that’s the issue. The control panel integration is flawed and will cause all incoming email to break. Simply disabling Cloudflare will fix that, and using Cloudflare’s nameservers instead of ours works as well.

Your domain name is currently pointing to some other provider’s nameservers and seems to have the right MX records for G Suite, and is no longer in our nameservers as far as I can tell.

I would love to help you figure this out, but I cannot do so if you delete everything before giving me the chance to do so. Can you please add your domain back and restore the settings as they were so I can try to see what is/was wrong with them?

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