Please Help me to Fix My Primary DNS Record (SOA record).

IntoDNS is Showing “” as the primary DNS for However, this domain is new and I intend to host it here on

I don’t know if there is a relationship between When I put into the browser, It shows content from Yet I do not have a hosting account for on that server.

Please Help me to Change my SOA record to InfinityFree

There are other hosting providers who use the same set of nameservers as we do, so if you have an account with them, those details will show up on our nameservers as well.

If you want to move your website to us, you will have to remove the domain from first before you can add it to your InfinityFree account. After you’ve done that, the DNS records will be replaced as well.

Yes I have and Account with and I am hosting with them. But this particular domain “”, is not hosted there.

Should I kill the other sites also?
Will it work after I do that?
Is there another solution I could try?


Judging by the DNS records, the domain seems to be hosted there. However, the DNS records should be fixed as soon as you add the domain to an account with us.