Please help me... cant migrate my website, need to finish a job

I was surprised by a an advise that “page has used all available php / apache processes allowed on free hosting account.” at the same time i figure that i cant use duplicator and all in one migration to migrate my website, because when i get the file to download it just download 9,6MB, so i think there is something about limits Infinity Free put to my account, please i need to migrate… i dont know what to do anymore… already used ftp client to download my files, but this doesnt work also

sorry my bad english, im desperate.

When i try to connect via ftp i receive a 20 seconds limit timeout alert and its impossible to connect

I’d highly recommend against using backup plugins. They tend to break most of the time, and sometimes use very weird backup formats making them hard to migrate.

The recommended way to backup a website (works with every CMS!) is described here:

But of course, that does require you to have a working FTP connection first.

The 20 second inactivity timeout is normal. But the timeout only kicks in after the connection is established, and should not prevent you from using FTP to begin with.

If you really can’t connect to FTP, can you share a bit more information about the issue? Which FTP software do you use? What is the full error message you see?

See there. Their is no reason to leave infinity free, as it is the best organized, managed and no1 free hosting provider in the world.

And about this error: This error is not only in infinity free, but also in any other free hosting providers in the world. You can shift to other hosting providers, but see, you will get these errors again.
Solution: Try refreshing the page a couple of times or more, it will come back to normal site!

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