Please Help me activate my account

My account was suspended since on Wednesday without notification. I just started building this website, my website is an article and job directory base which obeys your terms and conditions please help me check if their is any problem or abuse of the website and let me know but if not activate my account please. Thank you

Did you check your client area before posting here?

Yes I did, I have about 5 account account of which 3 are the domain created in freenom and 2 created when I created my infinityfree account. Two of the infinitelyfree domain were put outside my dashboards and one ‘www.dream’ was put outside my dashboard which says I have reached the limit of adding domain. I decided to add the remaining domain in the cpanel which is ‘,,’. When I got suspended I could only access the domain that is outside the cpanel and not the one inside the cpanel. Please help me check and you will see that my account was suspended. Please kindly activate it for me. Thanks

Again: did you check the client area?

More specifically: did you click the big red button in the middle of the screen when you click the suspended account in the list?

Admin this is frustrating,I have writing a review on my www.dreambooks cf and my account has not been activated yet. Also, the one that gives me concern now is my which I have not finish building and this domain I cannot see it in my cpanel not to talk of writing a review on it. Admin please my domain and all the activities I implemented on it follows your terms and condition. Delay is dangerous I would have finished my website since on Wednesday but because of this suspension I am unable to and those that I emailed about my website are complaining serious that they are not seeing any thing. Admin please I am on my neel begging please don’t frustrate me because of the act of others I follow your terms and conditions. I have been in the position of being an admin and I could see everything my client do there. You can equally see mine too. This is just a small issue please don’t let it to be complicated so that you don’t frustrate me. I will be greatful if my request is granted Thanks and God bless

Admin thank you very much I am very grateful for activating my account may God bless you.

I’m sorry that your website was down for so long, but it would have been reactivated a lot faster if you followed the instructions right away instead of asking around on the forums.