Please help, images are disappearing

My username is epiz_27963307.

It’s been a month since I was interested in creating a website. I posted a question because I was wondering if there is a policy on a storage system that I do not know.

First of all, it works fine when I upload a picture through my web blog. But as time passes, the pictures disappear. In the meantime, if I upload another picture, I can see the new picture. (Still the old photos are gone.) So I checked the MySQL database, and the image names of the old photos were still there. But the strange thing is that I can see all those pictures on my phone while some pictures are missing on my desktop screen. And I can’t see some pictures on my girlfriend’s cell phone.

Please help me.

Can you please provide your website url?


Yes, my website URL is
Images are visible and invisible differently for different devices. For example, I can see all the images on my phone, but on my girlfriend’s phone, the images are broken.

as you can see this image does not exist in this directory barcocina.6036d6764bb968.89958067.png

you need to upload all the missing images

why on some devices it exists? because they hold it in the browser cache
and in fact no longer exist online


I have never deleted an image file, but after checking in FileZila, I found out that the name of the image that was missing was not in the list somehow. It’s my first time creating a website, so I don’t have any knowledge, but does this happen sometimes? Why are some of the files missing while the other images are still there? Thank you.

I can’t say for sure what’s going on
it may also be the fault of the FTP client that either puts it in some other dir
or failed to upload all files

maybe someone has access to your login information for the site (BOT or person)
and then it clicks here and deletes (and you wonder how it disappears)
you browse the page on your mobile device and accidentally put your finger and boom



If this doesn’t happen often, I guess there must be a problem with me and coding. What I was wondering about was solved. Thank you for the reply!


In any case that “delete”
it is not pleasing to the eye and should only appear if the user is logged into the system

it confuses users and many would additionally click on it to offend you or out of sheer curiosity

and you are more interested in drawing attention to other content on the website


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