Please help I cannot edit my pages

I have transfer from local host to live server, and i discover that some of my links are still displaying the local host and each time I try to edit it always not working. Please what should i do because i have been on it for hours now. Thanks

What you should do is post a URL we can check in the forum. Nobody knows what an issue is if they can’t see the issue.

OK thanks. One of the links that still displays local host: localhost/wordpresscy/noun-students

Instead of displaying, rather its showing: www.localhost/wordpresscy/noun-students which i cannot edit. please help me out thnks

I’m sorry, but what is showing what? Can you please provide a full, valid, clickable URL to a page and can you please explain EXACTLY what you see. Is there a broken image? Does the entire page redirect?

The more clear and detailed your message is, the more effectively I can help you.

Thanks for your prompt respond! The url is: The issue is; If I click one of the links it will redirect me to the previous local host I had, and if i try to edit the the page it will either redirect me to post session or display a blank page with 0! You can check my url and see that most of my links are displaying local host. Thanks is a domain name. is a URL (notice how it’s blue).

Anyway, your main menu links are working fine but the links in the main body are indeed pointing to localhost. It looks like bad theme configuration, try to reinstall it. If that doesn’t work for you, contact the theme developer because I don’t know how your theme works.