Please Gudie me soon

please help me I want to upload my website which is store on the local host I want to bring on life please tell me when I am tring to upload that by file manager this error is happening

Screen short of error waiting of yours help.
Best Regards

Hi and welcome to the forum! That’s not an error; if that happens you’ll have to use the password you can find by logging into the Client Area, clicking on your hosting account, and on the “Account Details” tab clicking on “Show/Hide” to show the password, then enable “Passive mode” on the File Manager and click on “Connect”.

Oh, also what @SpookyKipper said.


Please use FileZilla if you want to move your files online.


I believe it is an error, the link from the client area or control panel didnt work, otherwise it will jump straight into the files.

My guess is that the account hasnt proprly activated or its simply inactive.

@Sashaflower, can you confirm that you have at least entered the control panel for at least once (and chose an option the the important notice of emails?)


Just write your hosting password and it will be finee

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