Please delete the domain folder

My Username Is: epiz_26360224
@Admin could you please go and delete to add on domain folder yes i understand its empty but i cannot transfer the domain until that folder is deleted so if you could kindly delete please and thank you, sincerely: epiz_26360224

There’s no way to delete the empty domain folder on FTP Manager. Just leave it.

And do not tell Admin on what to do.

that is why i asked him to delete because i pay for that domain and i cant transfer it because of that folder :confused:

and i wasn’t trying to tell him what to do i was trying to ask him

Ohh so you mean you want to transfer your domain to another hosting provider?


Nahh, just remove your domain from Addon Domain by deleting it and by changing your nameservers to your another hosting provider nameservers.

Also make sure that you have a backup of your website files and databases.

wait i think he removed it though

You don’t have to worry about if there is still a folder name of your domain on FTP Manager.

Have you already remove it?
What was your website link?

it was

but it redirects to suspended now so :eyes:

Yes because you have just remove it on Addon domain, right?

So what you need to do is to add your domain on another hosting provider, and tell or contact their support and not here anymore.

well i did like 12 hours ago and it is just now redirecting to suspended

You have also change your nameservers into something. Contact your another hosting provider if you want to transfer on their hosting and not here anymore.

Before you removed your domain, you should change your nameservers first and then wait for a few days before you remove the addon domain. Read here:


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