Please advise, what do you think of the account statistics are good or not

Is the account data good or not, please advise me
And thank you very much

You can see the blue usage line is below the red limit line, so you’re good for now.

CPU usage and hits usage are both pretty high, so if traffic increases, you will likely run into one of the two limits. If that happens, your account may be suspended for 24 hours.

You could consider to migrate to premium hosting right now to prevent that from happening, or wait until you get close to the limits. That’s your choice.


thank you admin

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With your permission, there is a second question: Is my monthly consumption good? I’m afraid I’ll be banned from hosting

With your permission, there is a question: Is traffic high this month? I am afraid that the account will be suspended permanently … Knowing that I reduce visits by additions

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I’m not sure what to tell you other than what I told you before.

Your usage looks fine, but there is clear usage already. If traffic increases, you may run into trouble. If you want to avoid that, you can choose to switch to premium hosting already.

No need to be unreasonably afraid. If you do hit the daily limits, your account will only be suspended for 24 hours, and reactivated automatically afterwards. You won’t be banned from our hosting just because your website got popular.


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thank you sir

I mean the monthly limit. My account was suspended a month ago

There is no monthly limit. All limits are tracked per day.

What did it say the reason was for the suspension?

And which account are you referring to in the first place? None of the accounts you have on this profile were suspended recently.


==Text of the message I received on December 30, 2023==
Your account was suspended because it received a very high amount of traffic in a single month.

Free hosting is intended for small sites and projects, and not suitable for handling high traffic. This includes both legitimate traffic and undesired (e.g. bot/attack) traffic.

We cannot reactivate your account. But if you want to receive a backup of your account, please submit a support ticket to request it.

To submit a support ticket, please login to your client area, go to the suspended account and click the “Create Ticket” button to submit your request. Please do not submit your request through email or the community forum, we cannot help you there.

== That’s why I thought my account would be suspended
I thought there were monthly limits like daily limits

It’s hard to say anything conclusively without having seen the actual account statistics.

But yes, most limits are enforced as daily limits only, but the hits limit is also tallied up in a longer term counter. So if you have consistently high hits usage, your account may be taken down permanently.

Whether that’s the case for the account you’re talking about here, I can’t tell, because you didn’t share identifiable details of the account, and the screenshots of the graphs aren’t granular enough.

If you can share the username of the account, I can have a look.

But even then: no guarantees. If you want to be sure you don’t get suspended for reaching a hits counters, consider getting premium hosting, because premium hosting doesn’t have a hits limit in the first place.


Account statistics

When I said this:

I didn’t mean “please send new screenshots, the ones you sent are blurry”, I meant that the graphs themselves don’t show clear numbers I can add up.

I can check the metric for you that the monthly suspension is based on, but then I need to know the username of the account to check it for.

You know that the daily limit graphs don’t tell the full story. So then you must understand that I also cannot tell you the full story if all I have are the daily limit graphs.



Thank you.

I had a look and it seems that you’re at around 70% of the long term limit for this account.

So you’re fine for now, but I think you’re in the danger zone. Especially seeing how traffic didn’t pick up until the 7th of this month, according to the graphs, and next month has more days than this month, it puts you very close to the limit.

So like I’ve been telling you all along: feel free to try, but if you don’t want your site to get suspended, consider premium hosting.


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