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I got PHPMailer working both on localhost ang on the domain. But after I tried testing it on the domain, my account got suspended due to it’s pop3.php that triggered systems abuse filter detectors. and after filing a ticket, the account got reinstated and now did delete the entire directory functioning for the phpmailer(referring to ticket id 711754). Is my phpmailer set can still be used or is there a much secured version of it?

You can use PHPMailer, I do advise using the latest version, it would be the most secure. Maybe just name your pop3.php file to something else?


Using PHPMailer is no problem here. But isn’t PHP for SMTP only? What did the pop3.php script do? Because PHPMailer doesn’t do POP as far as I know.


Not sure either. but it’s also part of the file that i downloaded from github. and compared to the first site i downloaded somewhere, it’s excatly the same if compared via winmerge. i’ll be experimenting on it again later.

It does come with the PHPMailer from Github, i’m not sure what It can possibly do, as I know POP is for retrieving email from a mail server, but they have a somewhat of a support page -


Interesting, that does seem like a false positive then.


In the end, just remove pop3.php from the library and it’s all good. it’s not being used anyways.

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