PHP verz

I request to downgrade PHP version to 5.6 (manual)
Thanks for reading.

please go to control panel > select PHP version

also note this

I watched this note and so created file called tea.php
Also i chmod rwx m’y cms but some webpage are still blank
PHP works on infinityfree but not on mine, functions like echo.
My refeered main epizy domain is suspended.

the page is not empty
there are some weird characters in front (response)

check again that php file

so best way is to just put this <?php phpinfo();

for echo use this
<?php echo 'Current PHP version: ' . phpversion();

@“Exegonlz” said:
My refeered main epizy domain is suspended.

The “main domain” is never configured to serve a website and always shows a suspension page. It does not indicate the status of your hosting account.

Also, since you run an outdated version of IP.Boards, I would like to remind you that using pirated/cracked/nulled software on InfinityFree is not allowed and may result in your account being terminated. You need to run a properly licensed, up to date installation of IP.Boards or move to another (free) forum suite.

Solved !