PHP version downgrade

My Site

URL where problem is

Error Messages

Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Elementor\Includes\Elements\Container::$logical_dimensions_inline_start is deprecated in /home/vol8_8/ on line 42

Deprecated: Creation of dynamic property Elementor\Includes\Elements\Container::$logical_dimensions_inline_end is deprecated in /home/vol8_8/ on line 43

Other Information

I was trying to create my site with Elementor through wordpress, but wasn’t able to. After turning on the Debug mode, I got these errors. There were depracated code used in one of the .php files of Elementor. After some research, I checked the PHP version, it is 8.2.11.

I have another site: where this error doesn’t occur. I checked and found out that the PHP version on it is 8.2.10.

How can I change my site’s PHP version?


The PHP version is probably not the problem. You can ignore Deprecated if you are not developer as it just means that the function will stop working soon, but not right now.

The latest version of Elementor should work with PHP 8.2. Also, please note that we don’t recommend using Elementor here, as it slows your website down and could lead to suspensions due to high resource usage.


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