Php Script & Query not Working

Please Check this Link

There were no error found, but the information from my query was not viewed in the site… Please help me with this

Can you please give a bit more detail? What you’ve said is very broad. What exactly isn’t working? What do you want it to do?


That Display Order Query sir must supposed to showed up in the current order List

Like This…

Please help me with this sir :frowning:

Looking at your page code, there is absolutely no JS code what so ever. How can a table be loaded into the page without any JS code to load it?


Im so sorry sir my mistake for saying Js code :frowning:
but can you help me with that?

because here in my localhost it is perfectly working. when i deploy it here it not working anymore. please correct me if im wrong.

Please Check Browser Console For any Errors Popup and if that isn’t helping Please try to Use

function refreshTableOrder(){
 jQuery(document).ready(function($) {

I Hope it helps. Also Please check of any typos and Case Sensitivity.


i think nothing wrong with this case because when i try to change the currentorder into currentready, the current ready is showing its data.

Check Case in displayorder.php for currentorder or spelling typos. What’s happening is that it’s not getting $_GET[‘currentorder’]. Check if displayorder.php var_dump($_GET[‘currentorder’]);

I am sure it’s Case Sensitivity issue. Because Linux Server are Case Sensitive while local host Windows Servers aren’t case Sensitive.


Like I said, there is no JS code on your website. If you want it to work, you need to add that JS code in.