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Hi, my site is
It’s a completely not-for-profit project, which is why I chose free web hosting for it. But it’s going to require mail server access to function, so I’m hoping you can enable that for me, so that I can stay hosted with you.

Let me know,


Mail service has been disabled (so you will need to use an external mail service). But if you intend to send activation/registration, use registration templates. PHP mail is heavily restricted. Only activation/registration mail is allowed.


I’m using an external email for visitors to contact me, but need a way to send mail through web scripts - for registration, as well as for member-to-member contact. What do you mean by “registration templates”? And where can I find the server settings for using PHP mail for account activations?

You can use the php mail() function. But they can only be registration. Since it is for registration, you can send it. The other alternative would be to send via Gmail STMP.

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You can use any third party SMTP service (even a free Gmail account works fine) and a WordPress plugin like the one below to send email from your website.


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