PHP configuration

Can you please increase my upload limit in PHP configuration. Give me access to increase it.

I think you should give access to increase limit from 10MB to more because disk space is 5 GB it’s enough for a good website.

Please Infinity free support help me resolve My problem.

I believe this is the most suitable reply


Sorry, but we don’t increase upload limit at request, whether it be for you or for everyone in general.

For most websites that we want here, 10MB is enough (and if it isn’t, splitting it often works).

Note that certain files have limits lower than 10MB. HTML and PHP files have a limit of 1 MB and htaccess files have a limit of 10kb.

Applications of needing large files often fall under something like file hosting, which we don’t allow.

If you want, you can use an external hosting service like Google Drive or Dropbox to host your large files.

If it’s a file containing HTML or code, then you can split it or minify it. It’s good practice to deliver smaller files to your client, anyways.


We keep small file size limits to discourage the use of our hosting for file storage and file sharing applications. We provide storage for website files, not arbitrary data. And the file size limits we provide are sufficient for the normal operation of most websites.

I’m aware that this is an inconvenience when, for example, you need to install software or import data. In most cases, it’s possible to extract the archive on your own computer and upload the extracted folder.


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