Php and mysql website

I have uploaded website files on file manager and have made mysql connection in connection file.With details of my hosting mysql account.However login is not working properly.Like it is showing username,password etc but cant login with there values in database.It seems database reltaed things not working.And also on main menu page some of the links are not working and is showing website cant be reached.The website account created about 17 hours ago.

Maybe this article could help you, let me know.

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How to check what is the error that mysql is not connecting?Also some of the page links on mainmenu not working too?

May we know your website link? So we could check it for you.
sure sir

Your site seems to work as here,

Ye sir its working here too.But when I give login details such as studentid and password.I am not able to login.I have made all the database connections as required and given in article.Mysql database contains all the required tables too.So its database connectivty problem i guess.

If you mind can you create a test username + password so we can test our connection,

Or if not, can you share the message or screen you get when you login with the correct usernames?

Sir got login resolved.It was probably hyperlink problem.Thanks for assistance though.Much appreciated.

No problem, Good look with whatever your doing :slight_smile:

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