PHP 8.2 and MariaDB 10.4 upgrades!

It’s better to say “I don’t know and I can’t do anything about it” than to lie or to attempt to act like you have some sort of power over these situations when you do not. This behavior may not sway you to stay at IF, but it sways many others because they want a reliable, trustworthy and honest person (even when the news is bad).

Like admin says guys, he doesn’t know and he won’t (and therefore we won’t) know how long it will take until something happens or until those who do control the system lets him know.


I could sugarcoat it, but that’s not going to help anyone.

I hate that things are the way they are too. PHP 7.4 is old and virtually every day we get questions from people why they cannot run their software, which is because we don’t have PHP 8.1. I’m painfully aware that it’s severely limiting people’s abilities to use the software they want. We should have had it a year ago I think, and upgrading PHP isn’t something that should take as long as it does I think.

And I hate that I cannot do anything about it. This is entirely up to iFastNet and there is nothing I can do to speed it up or work around it.

So please stop nagging for updates. I don’t have updates. I have just a little information as you guys do. It’s done when it’s done. When that will be, I don’t know. It could take a week, a month or a year.

And I’m sick and tired of having to tell people this. As you can tell.


not complaining
But I am also tired of checking the upgrade satus every now and then.
May be there is a better place where we can nudge on?

Most premium hosting services (different companies) have PHP 8 already.
For free services I don’treally know.


I don’t think there is. I know that nudging me isn’t going to help.

As soon as I know more, I’ll share it.


still php 7.4 until now :joy:

It’s taken some time, but we’re ready to start upgrading again! All PHP extensions are present this time, and we’re going straight to PHP 8.2.


UPDATE : 12 more volumes have been moved over to php 8.2 , and the migrate is running well


shall we use the old versions php programs in the new. when will the work complete. I think due to this only my website is not working clearly for last two day. pls rply sir.

Great! I can’t do any work on my blog…I was going to be posting an update on a project I’m working on, and can’t do it at all. How long is this going to take???

How long is this going to last? I can’t do any updates on my blog…and I have a lot of people waiting for updated information on a book project I’m working on

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Could You say how it is with the wolume 6_3?

Control Panel still shows php 7.4 but in reality it runs php 8+

how do i know if it runs php8 if it shows php 7.4?

The view your phpinfo() link in control panel pulls phpinfo from, and hosting volume for that website (vol3_4) still use PHP 7.4. Instead you can create phpinfo.php with this code:


Put it in your htdocs folder, and see PHP version currently used in hosting volume your site is on. But seems like phpinfo doesn’t work (for now) if you actually have PHP 8.2.


Well, if it’s broken it’s a good indicator you’re on PHP 8.2 :stuck_out_tongue:
Still, I hope it isn’t disabled…


my website is on vol18_1, and my account has recently been suspended at around the same time it got suspended during the downtime a month ago. Is anyone else getting suspensions on my volume or was it a legitimate suspension?

Is there any information about when the update will end?