Php 8.0

Will there be PHP 8.0 soon? Or should I stuck with 7.4 for now?

It will come at some point in the future. But, for now, you are stuck with 7.4!


Security matters!!!
So Admin will update when it will satisfy!

When I first took an intro to game design class, I was told that there were newer versions of the game engine we were using, but not to use them because they almost always contained bugs. I was told to stick to the ones that have been around a while, for they almost always were superior in stability and usability.

The same applies to programming languages. While PHP 8 has been out for about 1 and a half hears right now, it might still contain a plethora of bugs and vulnerabilities. While PHP 8 would be great for the average coder that wants to test out the new bells and whistles, it is not great for a hosting platform who offers service to many users, who rely on the almost always guaranteed security and safety of the platform (or, at least, that the platform try their hardest to ensure a safe and secure environment). Therefore, while a major bug that appears for a programmer using it may not be too deadly, (they could just shut down the server or program themselves and either work around it or switch back), a major vulnerability found on a hosting platform would require them to stop the hosting, roll back the version and re-start it (remember, they got to make sure everyone is safe). This is tedious, and it is better to wait a while until many of the bugs are found and fixed. In addition, if they have to roll back the version, the code the programmers previously wrote would be broken, and all that time upgrading your website would be in vain.

For now, PHP 7.4 is quite capable, and I don’t see a reason to upgrade immediately.


You are stuck with 7.4 for right now since there are (or might) be security issues with 8.0.


It will take a lot of time to upgrade server dependencies for PHP 8 requirements. Certainly no in the meantime. A few months or the next year. Who knows :tipping_hand_woman:

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PHP 8.0 has been out for a while, so there shouldn’t be any notable bugs anymore. Also PHP 7.4 is only supported until later this year, which puts somewhat of a hard deadline on the upgrade.

That said, not everything supports PHP 8.0 yet. For example, IonCube, the most popular source code encryption / DRM system for PHP, still doesn’t support PHP 8.

I think free hosting should be upgraded to PHP 8 soon as well, and I know from iFastNet that they want to do this soon as well. But I cannot make any guarantees about how soon that will be.


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