Phone crashed, 2FA

My phone just crashed and I can’t open. So I don’t have access to “Authy” (2FA app)
I don’t have recovery code. I can’t login my original account.

This is not my original account, I just created for this ticket.

Can you help me for access my account?

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Well if you lost your recovery code, then I’m afraid we can’t help.


What will happen my domain?

You can still login to the hosting account if you remember the user name and password.
Hosting account do not need 2FA


“The selected custom domain is already in use on InfinityFree. Please remove the custom domain from your other account at InfinityFree before you can add it to a new account.”

I can’t use the domain in my new account

Do that

How, I can’t login

You still remember this?

You mean, login to your domain hosting account(GoDaddy) remove the nameservers.

Did I understand right?

No, that won’t remove the domain from the account.

If you don’t have the 2FA key, you can’t login to your client panel account. However, the control panel does not require 2FA. So if you remember the username and password of your hosting account, you can login directly to the control panel.


How, can I take link or something? is the location of the control panel.


I didn’t remember :confused:

Can you delete my account? What should I do for my domain?

See this thread


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