Paths to folders return a 404 error

For my website I added an index file and a folder with some other pages and files in them. I link to one of these pages from my home page (the index file). The folder structure is exactly the same as how I have it locally, but for some reason the path returns a 404 error online (where it works fine locally).

I can see in File Manager that the files and the folder are all there and in the right place and the url’s are all correct. I’ve tried the path to an image file that’s also uploaded to the server but this also gives back a 404. It can load all files that are directly in the htdocs folder, just nothing in subfolders. What am I missing?

The website is (https is pending) (or is the page that should be loading but leads to a 404.

Thank you very much in advance!

The URL is indeed broken, but you can view your website at . If you’ve tested the site on a Windows computer, please note that most web hosting servers run on Linux, and on Linux files and directories are case sensitive. So on Linux, and are different folders.


Oh I didn’t know that, thanks! And thank you for the quick reply!

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