Password reset email doesn't sent to email

I’m trying to enter to the control panel of my domain but I forgot mi password, the problem is that I put my domain username and my email in the form to send me a password recovery email, it never arrives, I get a message that the recovery email has been sent to my email, but nothing arrives.

Reset your password through the client area.


How ? Shouldn’t I know my old password?

Are you talking about your cPanel (FTP, database) password? If you forgot it, just log in to the Client Area, find the account username (starts with epiz) and click Manage. Then you can find the password by clicking “show/hide” under any of the 3 info cards.

If you forgot your Client Area password, use this link to reset it.


You don’t need to know your account password at all, really. You can view and modify it at any time through the client area.

Do not use the password reset functionality of the control panel though. The client area will occasionally sync it’s password to the control panel, meaning it will change your password if you’ve reset it yourself. If you’re also using it as a database password, this sync will break your site. So to avoid that from happening, you shouldn’t ever modify your account password outside of the client area.


Thanks a lot, it function, I got it, I could recover my domain.

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