Parked Domain not visible

My website URL is:
**What I’m seeing is: **
“We can’t connect to the server at my website” when I try to connect to the web page on my browser. As I can only put in a max of two web site addresses in this post I have said my website in the above rather than the url quoted above!
However, if I go to the site is visible.
I have checked DNS host settings and the nameservers are set to ns1 epizy com, ns2 epizy com.
The redirection has been unavailable for at least an hour. P.S. I have taken out the full stops from the nameserver addresses above to meet the requirements of the 2 address limit.
Are there any known issues? The Domain name is with 1 and 1 and they are not reporting any issues at the moment.

Additional information:

Your domain: does not point to any nameservers! You need to point the domain to:

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Why have the nameservers changed?

My Control Panel says that for the Parked Domain to work the Domains must be registered with a valid registrar before they can be parked. In addition, they will not be functional unless they are configured to point to these DNS servers:
not the above nameservers.

Those nameservers and the one you posted are the same. Our personal recommendation is to use the 5 Byet ones.

OK Will try them. Seems strange why it should suddenly stop working on the original ones though.

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