Parked domain issue - Site not loading

Hello Team Infinity,

My website URL is: parked on

Added all the nameservers

What I’m seeing is: Godaddy page

Please help.

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that tells me " website coming soon!"

I parked to
and it works like a charm but the former one isn’t. is currently pointing to Go Daddy’s nameservers, not ours. Please update your domain’s settings so it points to our nameservers again.

I’ve seen the nameservers, the nsx.epizy and nsx.byet nameservers on Google Dig. Remove ALL the nameservers except the nsx.byet ones. is working fine but smeglobex ( isnt.

in both the cases I have followed the same rule added all nsx.byte and nsx.epizy alonf with godaddy’s default nsx.domaincontrol.

Please help me set this smeglobex thing up.


For me smeglobex is working fine, while is NOT pointing to the right nameservers. You need to delete the other nameservers (the default ones and the epizy ones) and put the nameservers and Like so, your website should be pointed to the right nameservers, but first wait 24 hours for DNS propagation (in some cases, the DNS is propagated immediately with under account epiz_23631510 is parked onto (its working) under account epiz_23877251 is parked onto (NOT working - same settings)

both has godaddy as domain. Please help me sort this issue out guys and thank you all for replying and addressing this issue.

I really wonder where does the issue exist. under account epiz_23631510 is NOT pointing to the right nameservers (ns59-ns60.domaincontrol, ns1-ns5.byet and ns1-ns2.epizy together) - that should be NOT the right settings for your domain, change them to and NOW!, wait for DNS propagation too and remove the GoSite website builder installed on the eylder domain. under account epiz_23877251 is parked onto and it’s working for me - wait for DNS propagation if you’re experiencing problems or use or Quad9 as DNS.

SOLVED. Thank you all.

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