Parkdomain problem

i wanna park my domain but it says it is already in use by another account.

Welcome! What is your domain name?

Before you can connect your domain to an account, you must remove it from it’s previous account first (Even if it was connected with a different account)


it was not connected to a other account and nothing is normally hosted on the domain the domain is

or at leats i did not add it to a other account


This is what I see

Do not mix nameservers


Note that it is also already connected to an account (Right panel)

@SietseGorris, if it was not you who paired this domain to an account, open a support ticket with (You will have to create a new account there) and request that the domain be released from it’s old account. You may have to verify with them that you own the domain first.


thanks for your help it works now

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