Pages suddenly loading extremely slow!

In the first few months there were no loading problems. Suddenly all my pages taking extreme long time to load. How can i speed it up or is this done so i have to buy premium?

please help me… this is not usable like this…

your website is loading instantly for me here in london england


You have some missing font files, but other then that, your website loads in 0.487 seconds for me.


Thanks for the responses… the index.php and the login of register forms both work great. But after that, the userpage and prediction page for example take a lot of time loading. And a lot of time is almost a minute.
When someone sends a prediction to a phpmyadmin database it stores it and thats quick to. The most strange is it happend overnight. At one time it was fast and the next is was running slow without making any changes…

Sorry for my englisch but i am not a native speaker…

Kind regards Marcel

For those who are trying to help me i created a test account. You can use the green button login. In the login page u can enter with
Playername: testing,
email: [email protected],
Pincode: 1234.


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