Page not loading as expected

My website has a sign up form that enables a user to create an account from three options provided at Its to my alarm that after successfully testing the accounts, they are all not working today.

Please try opening either of the three accounts to assess the problem. I actually dont know where to trace the error in my code. I’ll later delete those test accounts that you’d create in the process.

Your timely assistance will be appreciated.

Thank you!

I get a php fatal error message

Fatal error : Using $this when not in object context in /home/vol15_8/ on line 12

Make sure your code is up to php standard!


Am not using that file anywhere in my code. I used to call it inside a class, so I had set it aside for easy management but currently its not included in any code that the website executes.

The problem is: I have other accounts that I created way back loading properly except the ones that I’ve just created recently. They are supposed to open up properly.

Please check how the sign up process flows or wherever necessary. That is why I insisted you to try opening accounts for testing, use 09XXXXXXXX as phone numbers(Replace the Xs)

I cannot open any accounts because your site throws a fatal error. If a fatal error is thrown, the script immediately stop running, and is never completed.

You have to fix the fatal error before anything else can be done.


Thank you for being there for me. I’ve finally traced the error, there was a miss spell somewhere in my code so it couldnt execute as required.


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