Page Loads Partially Unable to Scroll

Unable to load page completely. Unable to scroll page ,Scrollbar doesn’t appears. This is my working page but today I hosted this page here and it is partially working. I also to enabled php error log but nothing shows browser console is also fine. Please help me !!!

consider to remove over-flow:hidden here (in body section)
It isn’t due to an error, just because of adding a css feature which disables scrolling.


Nothing wrong with css part this page is working locally as well as remotely on other servers but today I hosted on this server and it is not working. Is there any library restriction on this server.?

Can you please do what i said? I clearly see there’s a code which disables scrolling, it has nothing to do with server restrictions etc because it’s rendered on browser side

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Yes I did this. please check once.

not the list, the body, you cannot scroll it due to a css code, i removed it and worked fine.

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Complete Page is not scrolling only list is scrolling…

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Works fine now, please clear your cache.


sorry for misunderstanding

how it was working with wrong code I dont understand. Thanks

maybe due to the caching of your browser.

Yes it is working fine now… Thank you so much dear. But previously how it was working with wrong code I don’t understand. Thanks

no … Since 6 months it was working everywhere with this wrong code. I already hosted this on other web server. what a Mistry.

Most likely a css code with higher heirachy over the body class overrode it or you used ! prefix to override that css property.

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