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Username: epiz_31187522 (

It’s a website for my community where you can see my products which I sell. But the problem is that when I want to click on the headline “produkter” (products) it says the page doesn’t exist but it does. I have the “hemsidor.html” in my files but it still doesn’t work, I’m new to this. I would appreciate if you help me :slight_smile:

Error Message

404 Page not found

Other Information


That link goes to, which does not exsist. Note that “htdocs” should not be in the URL.


So what should I do? How can I fix it?

Change your links

Please screenshot the file directory to prove it

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Please note that if you have a URL with slashes in it, the server will map those slashes to folder on the storage. So if you try to open the URL, it will look for the folder htdocs/htdocs/PersonligHemsida/shop.html in your account.

But there is no folder htdocs in the folder htdocs, and there is no folder PersonligHemsida anywhere either.

I do see a shop.html in the htdocs folder of your site. So because of that, you can access it with the URL


It Worked when i changed the links, thanks man i appreciate it really!

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its sensitive case…when using html…check if you allways spell correctly

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