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I have an invoicing system with php and when I go to print a pdf invoice with Dompdf on my local network (before uploading the page) it works fine but when I upload the page to this server and I click my print button it does not generate me the pdf instead the page falls and shows me this error can’t currently handle this request.

I repeat, locally it works well for me. when I give my button that is responsible for calling the file that generates the pdf … it works perfectly, I am using Dompdf and I have also used FPDF to check if the problem was the library but it is not. the page falls on the server

An HTTP 500 error occurs when your PHP code is not working. You may want to look through your code and make sure it is correct.


but it works for me locally, is that normal?


if (isset($_GET["id"])) {
    $id = $_GET["id"];

    $query = "SELECT * FROM gas WHERE ID = $id";
    $resultado = mysqli_query($conn, $query);

    if (mysqli_num_rows($resultado) == 1) {
        $row = mysqli_fetch_array($resultado);
        $nombre = $row["nombre"];
        $galones = $row["galones"];
        $precio = $row["precio"];
        $fecha = $row["fecha"];
        if ($galones == 6) {
            $tanque = "Tanque de 25 lbs";
        } else if ($galones == 12) {
            $tanque = "Tanque de 50 lbs";
        } else {
            $tanque = "Cilindro de gas";
require_once 'dompdf/';

use Dompdf\Dompdf;

$dompdf = new DOMPDF();
$dompdf->setPaper('b7', 'portrait');
include "factura.php";
$html = ob_get_clean();
$dompdf->render(); //este comando renderiza el PDF

the problem occurs when I create a Dompdf instance

PDFs have been banned on free hosting because people were doing bad things with them. This could be a cause.


is there anything i can do to generate an invoice?

If the user only needs to see it and not select text, you may want to generate a PNG image.

The computer can print characters and designs.

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I need to print as if it were an invoice on a thermal printer … could you print an image on a thermal businesswoman?

I think it is possible. As long as you don’t have an ancient thermal printer and you drivers are up to date, you should be fine.


ok, I’m going to find a way to print an image on a thermal printer, obviously without generating a pdf

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