Other website loaded

My website URL is: http://zarrinholding.com/
I upload two file to load simple image for this domain, but it load an other page with strange links and page, again I’ve checked with FTP and file manager and my files has been uploaded but not knowing page are loaded!

The domain is now pointing to 11776.BODIS.com via a CNAME record. Try to change the nameservers from epizy ones to these ones, removing the epizy ones:
Then remove and re-add the domain again. That should push the changes to the network, and may take up to 72 hours to the changes to be visible.

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you mean that setting domain to point
is wrong?
I’ve set to this address as in creating account page said !

I always prefer byet.org nameservers over Epizy ones, because they don’t load the Page with ads after adding the domain to an account.

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thanks for your help, I’ ve change it but no change in result, I have no idea what is this site that load yet!

For me it gives an HTTP Error 500 (AKA a White Page). See more about HTTP ERROR 500 here.

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