Option to use existing DNS Provider

Is there an option in InfinityFree to use the existing dns provider instead to changing the nameserver to * ns1.epizy.com * ns2.epizy.com. If infinityfree provides us hosting ip then we could enter the ip in dns provider site to point the site to hosted ip?

Is there such an option in Infinityfree?

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Well yes it’s possible especially if you want to use Cloudflare but first you must set your nameservers to InfinityFree’s nameservers and add it to your account, once your domain is now registered on the system then you can change your nameservers to whatever you want and use your hosting account IP to create an “A” record that your site will point to InfinityFree’s servers in your DNS provider.

Please see:

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Thank You

Thank you very much.

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