OpenCart Installing Error [MOST EMERGENCY]

OK, just to clarify the most important point:

Websites on InfinityFree cannot access files outside their web accessible directories. This is how our hosting works, you can’t configure it and we won’t change it.

The reason you’re having trouble installing OpenCart is because Softaculous will only install it with OpenCart’s data directory outside the web accessible directories. Softaculous may be able to complete the installation, but the website won’t work because OpenCart will try to read files it cannot access.

This could either mean either two things:

  • OpenCart itself refuses to work with the data directory within the web directory. If this is the case, that means OpenCart cannot be used here.
  • OpenCart works fine with it’s data directory anywhere, but Softaculous refuses to support it. That means you can run OpenCart here, but you’ll have to install it manually without using Softaculous.

How do you know which of the issues applies? Simple: try to install OpenCart manually.

I understand Softaculous’ response in that they say the server configuration should be fixed, because it’s easier to blame someone else rather than take a critical look at your own configuration (and yes, I’m aware I’m guilty of this as well).

@DhananjayS said:
And I was just waiting for admin’s response and admin respond very angrily.
As Admin is also a human, I’m also a Human only, and I have not taken any contract to bear anger of anyone without reason.

I’m angry because of the way you act and the way you demand help. You’re posting here and saying “MOST EMERGENCY @Admin @Admin please reply I need your help”. And for what? Because you’re having trouble installing a piece of software.

Please keep in mind that InfinityFree is a free website hosting service. That means we provide website hosting. We provide you with a way to publish your website on the internet. Making sure the website exists and works on our infrastructure, that’s your responsibility. Whether you do that yourself or you hire a website creator to do it for you, that’s up to you, but making sure your website is configured correctly is not our responsibility.

Additionally, this is a community support forum. Officially, we don’t provide any staff support. Unofficially, I visit this forum roughly once per day and help where I can. That does not mean that this forum is a support ticket system where I will do anything anyone asks of me. If it’s a technical hosting issue, I usually reply. If it’s a problem with website administration, I often don’t.

Yes, we make money using AdSense. I don’t know what your experience with AdSense is, but I can tell you that we don’t make enough money to hire the staff to manage 250,000 websites on behalf of our users. It’s enough to cover the costs of infrastructure and development of the hosting platform, and provide minimal support for it, but that’s about it. Helping hundreds of thousands of people personally to build their websites is not possible in a sustainable way. And like you already said, InfinityFree is a for profit company, not a charity, so we’re not going to run ourselves into the ground by spending unreasonable amounts of effort on things which should not be our responsibility.

So, next time, please try to act like you’re somewhat grateful for what you get (for free!) rather than slapping EMERGENCY onto everything and continuously bumping a topic because you don’t get a response quickly enough.

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