Open Web Analytics Site logging

Anybody have Open Web Analytics running on InfinityFree. I don’t see any talk about it in the forum. Is there any logging utilities that setup easily on InfinityFree?


Google Analytics?

I’ve never used it but, looking at the technical requirements, unless the database needs the InnoDB engine, it should run in InfinityFree.

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I’ve never used Open Web Analytics. I have used Matomo (back when it was still called Piwik), but I found it to be quite meh compared to Google Analytics.

As for running it, I don’t see any particular reason why it wouldn’t work. Just a few considerations:

  • You will have to run it on the same domain as your website itself. Security constraints on our hosting mean you can’t access it from other sites.
  • The PCNTL extension is not enabled here, so the separate background option won’t work. But it seems optional, so that shouldn’t be an issue.

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