Online Email Form not sending email...


Is there a step by step process on how to properly set up email forms on free hosting package?


I don’t know of any guide to set up a full contact form system on InfinityFree, but here is some useful information about sending email on free hosting:

Hello Admin,

That was not the most easy to understand link that you provided.
Based on the contents of the link you provided, it seems as if my email would be discarded regardless.

However, I found a solution.

Thanks for replying!


What exactly was not clear about the article @JayParagon ? If it’s not clear now, we should fix that but I don’t see myself what’s not clear about the article.

Hi Admin,
actually have uploaded some test php mail script on my website, but mails are not getting, you can hit this link for test

can you pls check and confirm, how can i fix this…