Ongoing system issues:, FTP and file manager issues

using wordpress I tried a few plugins to try and backup my website and this is the result…

“Ongoing system issues:, FTP and file manager issues”.

Can we get this unsuspended please? Seems none of the backup plugins work for some reason. Getting a “myqsl error”. So I’ll just leave it be for now.

Oh, ok. Thank you for the heads up. I thought trying to backup my website trying some of the plugins that are offered caused an issue. Just seen a warning of something of CPU Limit.

Hopefully they get this resolved.

Please don’t use backup plugins. As you just experienced: they don’t work and just waste a lot of computing power. Creating backups through FTP and phpMyAdmin is almost as easier, much more reliable and much more versatile.

I’m not sure. A “mysql error” could be anything. But to my knowledge, the capacity issues did not cause any notable problems with databases.

What is the appropriate steps for doing a backup in “phpMyAdmin”? And what file folders do you recommend backing up for a “complete” backup of a wordpress website?

phpMyAdmin has an “Export” tab which will create a backup of your database for you to download.

For a complete backup, you should download the entire folder which contains the WordPress installation. That’s usually the htdocs folder of the particular website.

It might be enough to just backup the wp-contents folder, but the other folders are not that big, and exporting the full installation makes it easier to restore a website later on.

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