One page on website not working

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404 not found - page you are looking for not found.

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I’m new to this and have somewhat successfully used Mobirise to make and publish a website using infinityfree, also used AndFTP client. Everything was working fine until I needed to make a change to the website and I went back to mobirise to make changes and republished. Didn’t see changes made, tried to figure out if it was on the file manager of Infinityfree that I needed to make changes or the Andftp client app?. Now one page “Services” was not working and receiving and the 404 not found error message. Not sure what happened. Also wondering if changes made there is a delay before being live on website?
Apologies for any silly questions and or lack of knowledge, trying to avoid using a paid website builder and hosting for my husband’s very basic website so learning to do this all right now. Thanks in advance

I’m also not sure why it seems if I click my website link in the post above it appears to be updated and working - but if I type into a google search and it comes up the “Services” page and several other changes are not there?? As if it is the previous version or?

Upon testing a bit more and not sure if this is relevant or why this would make a difference but it seems if I type into google it brings up the older version with not working “Services” page but if I type it brings up the updated version with working “services” page??


This is what I see:

I think you just need to clear your cache.


I put your domain in google, and nothing shows up, maybe you were looking at some demo preview?

whoops website is NOT Thank you

Yes, that is the domain I was using :slight_smile:
Did clearing your cache help?


It did! Thank you very much!! I’m still a little unclear as to whether the infinityfree “file manager” where I uploaded the mobirise website files to or the AndFTP app where I went through the entering host, username, port, password etc is what is actually getting the website online, more importantly which files do I alter for future website updates? Sorry very basic knowledge just working through this on tutorials and such.

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Inside of the “/htdocs” folder

You can find that info in the client area under the “FTP” section. Here is a good video that shows you how to connect using FileZilla, an FTP client (Basically the same thing as the filemanager, but a lot better).

Whatever files you change.

No problem, that’s how you learn!


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