On my domain not my page

Website URL


But when i goto index.php page all works fine

Hi, welcome to the forum. When I go to your URL I see this.

Did you clear your browser cache?

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No, i didnt clear cache.

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if you delete “?i=1” from URL you should see page on screenshot

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I don’t read Portuguese so I am not sure what it says.

But, I see the error page you are talking about.

My guess is that there is something happening under the hood which is causing this error.

Are you able to view the error logs in this program?

What app is this? Some forum software?

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this is forum open source soft

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i don’t have any software include start.vipserv.site (wp) installed but by me


Yes, this is my domain and i install forum on this subdomain. this url is https://forum.jumpcat.xyz/index.php but site on just https://forum.jumpcat.xyz/ without “index.php” browser opens not my page.


i think it’s a hosting issue


Agreed. It seems to be something going on with the server.


I checked your site. It’s not a hosting issue, it’s an issue with your Cloudflare configuration.

When I check your website directly on our servers, bypassing Cloudflare, I see the following:

  • Your website forces me to HTTPS.
  • The currently installed SSL certificate is expired.
  • When I accept the expired SSL certificate, the page loads.

It seems most likely to me that this is caused by using Flexible SSL in Cloudflare. With Flexible SSL, the connection between your visitor and Cloudflare uses HTTPS, but the connection between Cloudflare and your site is not. But seeing how your site wants everyone to use a HTTPS connection, it will simply try redirecting you to HTTPS over and over again because the connection it sees is not using HTTPS.

The best solution to fix this is to use Full SSL instead. With Full SSL, the connection between Cloudflare and your site is encrypted too, so your site will also detect the connection as using HTTPS.


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