Old accounts gone

My old accounts with the old dashboard are now deleted.

Did you get any mails regarding that?


Post with insufficient details will not get any attention.
If you want help, provide more info


I see that the account from which you’re posting this from was created shortly before posting this message, so of course there are no old accounts.

Accounts will get deleted if it looks like they are no longer in use, but we’ll inform you about that by email, and you’ll still be able to see them in the Deleted Accounts in the client area. Client area profiles themselves are never deleted automatically.

Whatever it is you need, we can probably help you, but please tell us what exactly you expect us to do for you. And in any case, please provide information about your old accounts so we can try to find them.



The client area was changed from infinityfree.net to infinityfree.com and all data was removed. If you check old database you will find my email.

All of the data was migrated from the old domain to the new one, the only thing that has changed was the domain name. It is possible that something got messed up, but it is very unlikely.


Yes, I still remember you. I was the one who said the dashboard uses xera. I also tried logging in through epizy but didnt work. Something is messed up

This is not correct. Nothing got migrated. The client area is still basically the same code running on the (actually) exact same servers. The only thing that was added is that a new URL was pointed at the server, the logo got replaced, a few lines of CSS were updated, and the application URL was changed in the configuration. That’s it.

Not a single cell in the database was changed. Every user, account and domain is exactly as it were before.

The only thing that could reasonably “get messed up” is if you have a password manager that has entries stored for infinityfree.net, as you’ll need to update those to infinityfree.com.

Which is not the case, by the way. Not on infinityfree.net and not on infinityfree.com.

If you’re actually interested in getting your accounts back, instead of only complaining that we broke stuff (very sure we didn’t), please answer the questions I asked before.


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