Offers?? What??

If i create an new website and i upload files.
Then i want to visit the site but it allways says this:
This will only take a moment. Please wait…
and this takes you to an offer or just a scam website.
I don’t understand???
Can someone explain what this is and why??
And FIX this

Website URL:

Domains which are not used are redirected to a parking page. When an account is created, the domain name is updated to point to your website, but it can take up to 72 hours for the website to be visible for everyone (but usually less) due to DNS propagation.

Website is still not connected.
I’m still getting ads,offers
I have another website too that already exists 2 weeks and still getting those offers on that domain :frowning:

I’ve looked up, but I can’t actually find any account with that domain name. If the domain is not attached to a hosting account, that would explain why it’s not available. Do you know the username of the account it’s supposed to be attached to?

Yeah,I know that the username is bolleboor

Here is the link to everything you need

I have fixed it.
That the correct site.
I just changed the site title.
Sorry for all of this xD

Noo but now it says this
“Its takes too long to reach that website.”

Please why…

And it just worked before

@bolleboor The website is working fine for me now. Are you sure it’s an issue with the hosting account and not just the game server which responds very slowly or not at all? Because a slow game server could block the page from being generated leading to the same error.