Nulled software

But you did violate the terms of service. In fact, you just explained and admitted this.

Hosting cracked and/or pirated software is not allowed, because software piracy is illegal and cracked software frequently contains malware. “Cracked/pirated content of any kind” is explicitly listed as a disallowed website type in our terms of service.

That said, I have checked your accounts, and none of them are suspended right now. One of them is deactivated, but you can simply reactivate it from your client area.

So I would also like to remind you that free hosting is limited to three hosting accounts per person. Creating multiple client area profiles to create more than three account is not allowed. If we discover this happens, we may terminate all hosting accounts.

So please make sure you have less than three free accounts. If you need a large number of accounts, a reseller account is a cost effective way to get them. iFastNet offers great and affordable reseller accounts too.