NSXMLSParserErrorDomain error 111 using Desk PM on OSX


I am trying to configure the Desk PM Mac application to work with my wordpress blog hosted via Infinity Free however keep on getting the above error message.

The username and password I am putting in are 100% correct and I have tried entering the URL of my site with and without the HTTP.

From looking at other forums it seems that Infinity Free need to “whitelist” the Desk PM application but there maybe other solutions.

Anyone able to offer me some help please?

Many Thanks


Can you please copy the entire error message provided by your application? It could provide some additional information about what it’s actually complaining about.

We do however have systems in place to prevent bot access to sites. This system, which can help protect your website against hacking attacks (brute force attacks), also tends to stop some legitimate technologies, like uptime monitors.

If that system is causing this problem, I’m afraid you cannot use your desktop tool with your website hosted with us. It’s sadly not possible to disable this system for individual accounts.