NS record propagation issue

My website URL is:emvca.com

**What I’m seeing is: 3 days ago I changed NS record to Infinityfree

but when I check whether this DNS change has propagated, it has not, please see the output from whatsmydns net **

I have have also switched back the NS record to the provider where I bought the domain, and the NS change started to propagate relatively quickly, within a few hours already present across large proportion of the Internet. I changed back to Infinityfree, and it does not seem to be propagating, after 3 days I have seen the change only in two locations, and sometimes disappearing even from there. It appears that the switching from Godaddy to Infinityfree does not work properly.

**I’m using this software: I can access the website relatively quickly after I changed the NS record to Infinityfree, within 1 o 2 hours **

Additional information:I have also tried other DNS checker tools such as dnschecker, and got similar result

Can you share that output? Your domain name seems to be pointing to Cloudflare’s nameservers now.


So… what exactly can we do for you? If your goal is to point your domain to Cloudflare, then all is fine, isn’t it? And if your goal is to point your domain to our nameservers, can you please try to make it so?


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