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doesn’t see the background and font I specified in css

Hi and welcome to the forum! I can see those two changes just fine. If you still can’t see them, please clear the browser cache by pressing a few times Ctrl + F5 while viewing your website.
If that doesn’t help (because some browsers are stubborn) then follow these instructions:


i see this

but then again I also see this in the console



I checked your website and everything is okay (for me).

Relating to your original question, please refresh your DNS cache. This can be done by putting the following command in a CMD prompt:

ipconfig /flushdns

You can also press CTRL+F5, but it doesn’t always work perfectly.
Do note that flushing your DNS does make some sites load a bit slower at first, but it’ll get better over time.

But I want to point one thing out.
Your background is a 2560x1600 image that is completely black. This is completely unnecessary and it will slow down load times and it puts more stress on the server.
If you want a black background, please put this piece of code in your CSS file:

body {
    background-color: #000000;

This will greatly improve your visitors’ experience.

Have a great day!


BTW the font error is caused by glyph data outside the bounding box

See this link for details


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