Notice for ADMIN

I got a suspended account and due to cpu limit.

I want to transfer over to ifastnet but need a EPP CODE.
I’m on a deadline with a website and need to get this transferred over to ifastnet

Please email me my EPP CODE to transfer

Thank you,

Karin Fox

I believe this might help


Is there any chance that I can be unlocked today I’ll be changing my nameservers immediately

check your client area at Login to your account - InfinityFree it should have information about when

you can access your account

I transferred to IFastNet - so how can my site get unsuspended?

Purchasing an account at iFastNet doesn’t automatically or immediately restore your InfinityFree account. Instead, you should contact iFastNet and ask them to transfer your website from your free hosting account to your premium account. This also won’t reactivate your InfinityFree account, but it will make the InfinityFree account irrelevant.


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